Monday, July 20, 2015

The Adventures of Hermana Mute

Dear Family: 

Well, goodbye my hondureña, hello brasilera! I was sad to see Hermana Matamoros go, but that`s just how things go on the mission. Things are always changing! 

Speaking of changes, the weather has been changing lots, and I got sick again. :( Just got a bad sore throat. I called the mission nurse just to ask if she had any suggestions, and she sent me to the doctor. The doctor took a look, and said nothing out of the ordinary. Just keep drinking lemon tea, citrus juice, and ibuprofen. Sooooo that`s what I`ve been doing! Mostly I don`t want it to stick around long, so I`ve been doing everything possible to get better. And it`s been working! I can talk again, at least there`s that. :)

So anyway, we stayed inside for a few days to try and get me better, and also because I couldn`t talk, so teaching lessons wasn`t really an option. The good news is that Hermana Dutra`s mom is deaf, so her first language is sign language! The bad news is that it`s neither my first nor second, so we just reverted to using the whiteboard. Because she`s new to the area I had to tell her about all the members and investigators so we could do our weekly planning, so that explains the photo. "Weekly planning for mutes". It was fun haha. 

Hermana Dutra is great, although it`s been a little challenging, just with the language. I`m used to having companions with spanish as their first language, who kind of make up for the spanish that I don`t know. But with hermana Dutra, she`s still learning the language just as much as I am, so we`ve pulled out our dictionaries again, and use a lot of sound effects and hand motions to explain things. I think I probably will learn sign language by the end of this transfer! :) 

Well, that`s about it for this week. This coming week I should have a little more to say, in hopes that we`ll be able to leave the pench a little more often. :) 

have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it...rain.

3rd picture

Let it snow, let it snow, let it...rain.

Hola Familia! 

Whel, this week was quite interesting. First of all, CAMBIOS!!!!!! We`ve got changes here in Tupungato! Actually, every single companionship changed here in the Zona Valle de Uco. Crazy! My hijita Hermana Matamoros is going to Balloffet, San Rafael! My birthplace! I`m so excited. I`ll be revising my old agendas and finding tons of names and tips for her. I`m so excited! And what happens with yours truly? I`ll be staying here in Tupungato, with Hermana Dutra! I don`t know if I`ve shared any pictures or anything about her, but we both started in San Rafael together, and then both went to Quaymallèn, and then both became sister training leaders. Basically, we`ve always been together the whole mission, just never companions. I couldn`t believe it when they told me what was happening. Mi Brasilera Favorita!!!! I`m so excited. 

Anyway, so how was this week? Pretty crazy. I`m sending some pictures from last p-day and the snow that we found. Also, there`s a picture of me with a bunch of clouds behind me. That`s what Zonda looks like before it passes through. Zonda, which is basically just lots and lots of wind and dust and trees falling and the like. But we heard from the members that after Zonda comes through, the next couple days it always rains or snows. So we were all rooting for snow, cuz I really want to see some Argentine snowflakes...  buuuuuuuuuuut, rain won. :( Still fun, but well, rain. :( 

This week we finished off our Tres a La Vez en Cada Pueblo activities. The activities we`ve been doing in each area with the Talent Show and Gracias a que Èl Vive. This week we did two back to back, and everyone stayed overnight in appartments of other missionaries. Hermana Matamoros and I stayed with the senior couple, which was great. Elder and Sister Maseda. They`re so great. I felt like I was staying over at my grandparent`s house. So grandmas and grandpas, I was thinking of all you guys this week! :)

Let`s see...what else can I tell you about. Ah. When we were in Tunuyan, doing the Gracias a Que El Vive whiteboard activity, some girls stopped by to write something on the board. We asked if she had met with the missionaries before, and she said yes. For ten years. I kept talking to her, because I was so intrigued, and she told me her story. She said that her birthday was in three days, and she was going to turn 18, so she could get baptized at the end of the year. Because her parents are really closed and really didn`t want her to take the lessons or get baptized. She said they wouldn`t let her go to chruch either, so instead she had just been reading the book of mormon and the liahonas. She had also been to EFY, and had helped out the missionaries a lot, and helped two of their investigators get baptized. I wanted to cry, I was so inspired. I took a picture with her, because I want to always remember her example. When she left I just had this overwhelming feeling of how blessed I was, and how easy I had it sometimes. Anyway, I just was really touched by her example, and her undying faith and perseverance. An example to everyone. Her name is Tamara if you want to send some prayers her way.

Welp, I guess that`s about it for this week. Thanks for tuning in! Love you all! 

Hermana Cannon

Monday, July 6, 2015

Just a little slow

Mis Queridos: 

Hey! Iiiiiiiiiiiit`s pday! Today we went to Manzano, which is just like a camping place up in the mountains. We went with all the missionaries in the district, our misson leader and one of the ward missionaries, cooked up some asado, hiked a little bit, and threw a ball around. It was super great. But the best part is that there was SNOW! ...okay so just like a tiny bit by the side of the creek, and it was kind of more like just ice, but we had fun throwing it around. And I can die happy now, cuz I`ve been really wanting to see snow here in Argentina. I miss my Utah snow. So, anyway it was great. I took some pictures, but forgot my camera cord, and although my comp sent me some pictures, I still haven`t gotten the email, so we`ll see if I can send or not. Yay pdays! 

So, there`s this thing that happens when you`re a sister training leader called responsibilities. (I have no idea if I spelled the right. please don`t judge. English isn`t a thing for me these days. ...make that months.) Anyway, so I don`t really have a lot to do as sister training leader, but it just so happens that this week we had our Mission Counsil meeting in Mendoza on Tuesday, so we traveled last monday night, and didn`t get back to work until wednesday afternoon because we also had our district meeting. But Wednesday I had to do exchanges with the Hermanas in Tunuyan until thursday when I got back with my companion and we did our weekly planning, which with the travel time it took from Tunuyan, we didn`t leave the appartment at all that day. Then friday we had our Tres a La Ves en Cordon de Plata activity (remember the activity we had in Tupungato the other week? we did the same thing in another area, Cordon, and we`re going to do it in the other two areas, Tunuyan and Consulta this week. Good fun! And lots of good new investigators and member participation too. Manso.) So anyway, then saturday there was the soccer tournament with Argentina and Chile so we couldn`t leave the appartment after 4:30. 

Anyway, I guess you get the picture. Moral of the story is, even though I was doing lots of things, I wasn`t really in my area, which is a bummer. But, I was talking with the zone leaders about it today, who were feeling the same way, and we came to the conclusion that a lot of the work that we do, we do so that the other missionaries can spend their time not worrying about those things, and working in their areas. And it`s true! Somtimes it`s little discouraging because I kind of just want a regular day with a regular schedule, and regular investigator visits. BUT, it`s all good. I`ve made a goal this week to really take advantage of the little things I can do to share the gospel, even when I`m not in my own area, or when I`m traveling or things like that. For example, this week I talked to a lady on the bus, and another lady cleaning in front of her store, and I`ve found that it`s those little things, where I can share a little of my testimony with people that make me feel a little more like a regular missionary. 

So, sorry I don`t have much news about our investigators or less actives or anything. But that`s just kind of how this week went. 

Thanks for tuning in! haha Love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon