Monday, May 18, 2015

Well This Is Strange

Dear Family:

So, due to the internet connection I decided to use the "basic HTML
view" of my email, because the computer told me it would be perhaps
faster. I don`t know if anyone besides Dad and Joey know what I`m
talking about, but basically I just feel like I went back in time. I`m
having flashbacks of second grade computer class. The whole, "you
didn`t know what you had until you don`t have it" thing. Anyway, it
seems to be working, because I can actually do the basics now, as in,
type an email to you guys, and open the emails you sent.

But anway, I seem to spend a lot of time complaining about the
internet here. Sorry. Old news. Let`s continue!

This week I got to do exchanges with the other two hermanas in the
branch. One of the privelages of being Sister Training Leader! Wahoo!
It went really well. I got to know Hermana Azeñero, from Peru, a
little better, and we had a great time. The best part was when we were
teaching one of her investigators, Ema. We taught lesson 3, about
faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.
Hermana Azeñero is a great teacher. She really teaches so clearly and
simply, so the investigators really understand. What I especially
loved about her teaching was that when we talked about baptism,
somehow she also snuck the temple in there, and talked about the
importance of attending the temple, the things you can learn, and the
sealing ordinances we do inside. It caught me by surprise, but it
wasn`t off topic. A lot of times as missionaries, and in talking to
investigators, we tend to emphasize baptism, and that`s it. It`s true.
Baptism is really important, and a big part of the investigators`
lives, but it`s more important to remember that that isn`t the end.
Baptism is a covenant that should prepare us for the temple, to be
sealed as families, so that in the end, we can all live together, all
of God`s children, and be exalted with Him. Anyway, I was really
impressed with that. It`s great being a sister training leader,
because I get to learn lots from all the great sisters in the zone!

How`s Adriana you ask? Well, it just so happens that Hermana Matamoros
went to visit her without me, during exchanges. But the lesson went
super well! She told me about it. Andd Guess what? Adriana said that
she has already gotten her answer that the message is true! They had a
really great lesson with her, and at the end, set a date for baptism!
Adriana said she would pray about it, so this Friday we`ll see how
things go. I`m so excited for her. A little bummed that I couldn`t be
there, but it`s all the same work. So now we`re working on bringing
members with us to all the lessons so she can get to know a few
members and be more motivated to come to church. Wahoo! Chruch on
sunday, and next stop, Temple! :)

We also have a lesson with a member tonight, with a new investigator,
Gladis. Don`t know if I told you about her. But she`s progressing
really well, and more than anything we want to get to know her whole
family, and teach them together. So I`ll keep you posted on that as

But the best moment of the week was yesterday when we went to the
Cordoba Temple Dedication. Wow. I remembered going to a few temple
dedications at home, but wow. It was so great. I`ve really been
missing the temple here on the mission, since we don`t have one
closeby. And going to the dedication, it was extremely special. The
spirit there was so strong. I mean, we always teach the investigators
that the feeling in the temple is like how you feel in the sacrament
room emplified by 10, but wow. It`s true. And it`s been 9 months since
I`ve felt that, so it was really special. Go to the temple guys! It`s
the best place on earth.

It was a great meeting too. Elder Christopherson was there speaking
spanish, also Elder Zaballos, great to see him again! And Elder
Uchtdorf was there as well. He gave a little part at the beginning in
spanish, which was great to hear, and then the rest of his talk he had
a translator. It was super great.

Well, I guess that`s it. Love you all! Thanks for the love and
prayers! Have a great week!

Hermana Cannon

p.s. Happy Birthday last week Mariah! I wanted to send you a picture,
and then the internet wouldn`t let me. So I tried ataching it to this
email, we`ll see how it goes. Feliz Cumpleaños! :) Love you!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Short time, yes see!

Dear Family:

Get it? Instead of long time no see? Eh? Eh? Oh well. I guess you had to be there. Oh wait--you were!

Me muero de la risa. :)

Anyway, it was so great to see you all! Sorry the sound wasn`t so great. I guess that`s just kind of how it goes here in Argentina. We couldn`t do it in the chapel, which might have had better sound because the other missionaries were using it that hour. So, bummer. But celestial points for sacrifice, right?

Also, explainging a little about the internet here, don`t hesitate to keep sending me emails! I can usually open them just fine, and I always take pictures so as to be able to read them later, the only thing is that due to the slow internet, I can`t reply to as many of you as I`d like. :( Basically, just know that I get your emails, read them, laugh and cry over them, and then I usually don`t have time to reply. Jus sayin, I love you all. I just can`t show it in email form very often here in Tupungato: the city of inturtlenet. (No, that`s not spanish. It`s a turtle.) Me explico? Bien.

So, HI! Things are still going great here in Tupungato. Couple things I didn`t mention over skype. This week we went to a reunion in Mendoza with Elder Zaballos! He`s from the 70, and he spoke in the last conference, one of the ones that spoke in Spanish. (Woot!) Anyway, it was super great. His wife also spoke, and it was also great. One thing she shared with us was an example of an apple. (She shared it in spanish, and then in broken english, it was adorable.) She cut the apple open and said, You can count the seeds, but you can never count the apples that will come from each seed. A great reminder than when we see someone on the street, someone we want to share the gospel with, we should always remember that we`re not only helping them, but their family. their generations to come. THe people they`ll teach some sunday in gospel doctrine class, or as relief society president or bishop. All the people they`re great grandson with teach on his mission. This gospel is so much more than teaching and baptizing. It`s about families, and God`s family. I really liked that.

Also this week we had a member call us and ask if she could accompany us that day at 4. Who-da-what-a? Yes please! so she came with us, we visited some less actives, and she helped us out a little with some of the areas we didn`t know as well. Afterward we thanked her and she said, "No. You don`t need to thank me. It`s a priveledge to work with you. And it`s my duty as a member to do so." It was basically heaven. How much different the world would be, and how much larger the gospel would stretch if we all thought the same. I`m so grateful for the members that I`ve met here who feel the same as this sister, and who are great reminders to always be that type of latter day saint. And a shout out for all of you back at home and your daily missionary efforts! The best part was that one of the less actives we visited came to chruch the next day. :) Small and simple means, and great things brought to pass.

hmm, what else. Adriana is coming along. She didn`t read again, so we read a little with her and helped her understand the apostasy a little better, and the need for a restauration. We`re really hoping she reads this week, and keeps working on getter her answer that the message is true. Like I said, she`s a little stubborn, so it`s going to take, well, the holy spirit, to help her know the truth. Lots of prayers.

Anyway, I guess that`s all today. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support! I love you all immensely! See you on Christmas!

Hermana Cannon

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Monday, May 4, 2015

We`re gonna try and upload some fotos, eh?

Dear Family: 

Looks like that`s gonna be "photo". Singular. Darn internet.

But hey! It`s actually going a whole lot faster today than before, so that`s been great. Stay on the sunny side, am I right? 

So Tupungato! I love it. At first, with all the cityness around, and me coming from the middle of the cordillera, I felt a little claustrophobic, and missed my old area a bit. I still do, I mean, in the sense that it will always be part of my heart, (aww!) but I`m super happy to be here in Tupungato, and I love the area, the members, everything. It`s pretty great. 

So basically there are only two districts in the zone, and ours has four sisters and four elders, two of which being the zone leaders. Also, the zone leaders, the other sisters, and us (we? us? I think we is correct, but it sounds weird) are all in the same Branch. The sisters live below us in the same appartment complex, so that`s been fun to see them every day and we eat lunch together a lot, in the pench and with the members. I like having six missionaries in the branch, but it`s just a bit of a culture shock, going from "Hermana Cannon and her lone hija two and a half hours away from civilization" to "Hermana Cannon, her Hondurian comp, and every other missionary, member, and random argentinan in the world".It`s been really great, I just have to learn to talk with and coordinate better with the other missionaries, so we can all share the load and work effectively. Tons of fun, and lots of work. 

The branch! They`re super great. Two sundays in a row we haven`t had a piano, which was sad. Basically they have a keyboard, but they don`t have the cord for it, so you can`t turn it on, play it, or do anything really that is neccessary for a keyboard. So we`ve been singing all the hymns a capella-ly. It reminds me of "to kill a mockingbird" (I think it is) where they go to the church for blacks, and they only have one hymnbook, so the conductor sings first and then everyone follows. It`s kinda like that except everyone has hymnbooks. Anyway, it`s interesting. Yesterday the branch president found out I play the piano so he`s gunna try and find a cord. Wahoo! 

The investigators. As of now, we`re teaching one lady named Adriana (I always say something different every day. Ana. Andrea, Aileen, I don`t know why her name is so hard to remember.) who`s pretty great. She`s very direct and a little stubborn, which is good and bad. Good because when she has a concern, she lets us know exactly what it is, and we`re easily able to address it. Then again, she`s also very slow to change her mind, and to open her heart, so it`s a bit tough teaching her. The good thing is that when she knows the gospel is true for herself, no doubt about it, she`ll be the faithfullest member on the face of the planet. 

Right now she doesn`t understand what the difference is between the Chruch of Jesus Christ, and every other church. So we`ve planned an in depth lesson on the apostasy that we`re looking forward to. Prayers for that would be appriciated. We really want her to be able to come to church, and that`s another big concern of hers. 

The other great investigators we`re teaching is a family of three boys, their mom, and her husband-not.husband. (Not married. Law of chastity, coming right up!) They`re a reference from the Relief Society president, and they`re pretty great. The son, Andres, 9 years old, was showing us the part he read of the Restauration pamphlet about prayer, and it was adorable. He had it all marked with colored pencil and everything. Ana, the mom, is pretty great too. She`s worried, as most moms are, about how to raise her kids in the kind of world that it is today. Luckily, the gospel`s been restored exactly for that. We`re excited to continue with them. We haven`t been able to meet with Gustavo, the father, because he works. The Argentine schedule really makes it hard to meet with complete families. Prayers in that regard, that we`ll be able to find them all together, would also be appreciated. 

Also meeting with lots of less actives, always lots of work to do in that area. 

Anyway, super excited to be here, training, and sister training leader-ing. Ah, had my first Council meeting as sister training leader, that was fun. 

Welp. I guess that`s it. Oh! We talked to our Recent Convert, Ana Laura, and she said we can do skype at her house. Wahoo! So I should be getting on at 6pm, Argentina time. Which is either 2 or 3 pm Utah time. I forget. The daylight savings threw me off. You can google it. It sounds like that should work for everyone, from what you`ve told and haven`t told me haha. Can`t wait to see you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon

p.s. The photo is of me and Hermana Matamoros. :) ...I think that`s the one I sent. haha

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