Monday, April 27, 2015

Sorry So Short and Slow

Dear Family: 

Bit of bad news, the cebers in Tupungato are super slow, so you might have to get used to short emails for a while. Or at least until we find a faster ceber...unlikely. Oh the joys of Argentina! jaja 

Other news, I took photos of the emails you all send me last week to read them, and then left the memory card in ceber, and lost them all. :( So, I retook pictures and now I`ll read them and be able to reply, perhaps, next week. If not, please know I love you all. 

Good news, Tupungato is great! It`s much more city than I`m used to, so it`s a little weird to get used to all the moving around. But we`re getting to know the area better, and Hna Matamoros, my new hija, is super great! She`s from HOnduras, and she plays the violin. She even bought it with her, with permission, so that`s been great! WE`ll be doing lost of musical things together. Wahoo! 

Well, like I said short email. Love you all! Thanks for everything! 

Hermana Cannon

ps. Hey fam! Mothers day is coming up! From what I`ve heard we`ll be skyping the day of, so I`ll start asking around to see how where and when, but if you guys have any conflict or things, let me know these coming weeks and we can coordinate. Love you all! Can`t wait to see you! 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

To Tupungato Too!

Dearest Familiares Mios: 

I was not expecting that one. En serio, this transfer is una locura! Hermana Cortès, my little hijita is staying in Uspallata, and recieving TWO companions! She`s gonna be in a trio! Which will be great, because there`s a lot to do in that Area. Mutual, Gospel Principles class, Open Chapel every week, tons of members to activate, it`s a handful. And Hermana Cannon is going to Tupungato! I haven`t heard a whole lot about it, so you`re all going to have to wait till next week when I get to know it, because SURPRISE! I`m washing area again! And this wednesday I`m going to Mendoza to pick up my Trainee number two! AND to top it all off with a delicious red cherry, I`ll be a sister training leader as well!  

What do I have to say about all this? Let`s just say it can only be described in spanish. "Gaaaaaawowowowaahahahaha!!!!!" Oh wait, I guess that`s sweedish? Meh. Who knows. 

Anyway, so that`s going to be super exciting. I`m very sad to be leaving my beautiful Uspallata. The little branch has been such a joy, and it will be hard to leave, but I`m excited for the adventure ahead. 

So anyway, hows about this past week? 

Well, Monday and Teusday the Hermanas came for intercambios, and we spent Pday together exploring the beauty of Uspallata, so that was fun. 

This week we met with Edelmira again, but only for a few minutes because this guy came to fix her car, so we had to go. But, it didn`t go too well. She just had a friend pass away, and she and her sister were talking about that the whole time with lots of anger and hurt. It was hard to hear. She said that she hasn`t been reading the book of mormon, and that there`s no chance she`s picking it up any time soon. This actually happens a lot. One of the first important points we go over with new investigators is that as they begin learning more about and accepting the message of the gospel, they`re going to confront difficulties, but that God will always be there to help them. And it always happens. Just as they`re starting to recognise the spirit, read the BoM, come to church, something really trying happens. And lots of people take that as a sign that it`s God`s fault, or the book of Mormon`s fault, or our fault. So they distance themselves from it, from the very thing, or rather person, our brother Jesus Christ, who has all the solutions, and can help them through the hard times. It`s difficult to see, but it`s helps us to realize the importance in focusing on the little things. While we had been talking about Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, we now see that what she really needed was a review, and re-review of the restoration. The book of Mormon. The plan of salvation. Prayer. The little things. How many times has it been said? It`s always the little things. The beautiful simplicity of the gospel. 

So it was hard to see, but I think it was necessary, now we know to go back to the basics. 

We also had some pretty cool experiences this week. We met with a less active member whose daughter is going through a divorce, also a member. We went to meet with her, and slowly, one by one, more members of the family and extended family started joining in on the lesson of the restoration. In the end there was Hna Pizarro, her daughter, her husband, a grandson, her son and daughter in law, and a couple neices and nephews too. It was so great! Especially because not only were they all there, but listening and asking questions. It was so great! The best part was at the end when we asked them to commit to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They all kind of looked at eachother, as they said they would, which was great because they all know that each person has to do it personally, and they`re all going to be there to make sure everyone completes the assignment. It was great. I understand a bit better now why they always say to find and teach families. It`s so much easier to live and apply the gospel when there are others around you doing the same. 

We also met a really great investigator while doing the chapel open house. It was weird because we had just set up everything outside, and Hna Cortès was inside the doors because some papers had fallen off the bullitin board and she was cleaning them up. Just then a guy passed by, and I started talking with him and shared a pass along card. Normally I would have just let him pass so I could wait until Hna Cortes to join me, so we could do it together. But I just kind of did it anyway. To my surprise he stopped, and wanted to see inside the chappel. We let him in and started talking a little about the church. While we were talking he said he had heard about the mormons, and how they`re lots of times rejected by everyone, and he wondered why. "it must be because it`s the true chruch." He says. Well, you don`t hear that every day from people on the street! So we kept talking, and I got this still small feeling to talk about the Book of Mormon. That isn`t part of the chruch tour, so it was a little awkward, but I somehow squeezed it into the conversation, and we gave him one to take home. He sounded really interested, so I hope he reads it! 

It`s kind of a bummer, because we have a meeting with him on wednesday, and I`m not going to be there. :( But it´s all one work, right? Right. 

Anyway, that`s basically how my week went. Hope you all have a great one! Thanks for the prayers! Keep them coming, I`m going to need a lot of help with these coming weeks. :) As always, there`s lots of adventure ahead. Tupungato, here I come! 

Hermana Cannon

p.s. Oh, today we went to a dinasour museum thing with the district. It was pretty fun! That`s why I`m emailing a little later than usual. :) See the pics. Wahoo! 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Manso Semana

Fam and Friends: 

"Manso" literally means "meek" but here in Argentina they use it to say "Great" or "Cool" or "Holy macarole that`s quite awe-inspiring". So there`s the Castellano lesson for the day. Tune in next week! 

First things first. A while ago President Goates told us that before the Mendoza Mission was allowed to have 250 missionaries max, and now they`ve changed that number to 200. It doesn`t mean they`re going to send anyone home, it just means that there will be fewer missionaries sent here until we get down to 200. It also means they will be meshing and closing areas. So a few days ago we had our coorelation meeting the the Branch President. In the middle, he gets a call from...I`m not exactly sure. The Area president or counseler? Something like that. Anyway, someone important who was asking about the area, and the weekly attendance and everything. Not too long ago, the attendance was up in the 80s, and now it`s gotten down to mid 20s. We`re kind of scared they`re going to close the area. 

I know God always has a plan, and we have many great leaders in the church, and here in Argentina, that are inspired as to the decisions made in that aspect. But I really don`t want to area to close! I know that if they do take the missinaries from the area, it will be left in God`s hands. But... we`ve been praying lots. It will take quite a few miraces to get the attendance up, and to strengthen the area. But I believe in a God of miracles. More than anything I just want to be a worthy instrument in God`s hands and do everything in my power, and His, to strengthen the area and leave it better than we found it, pasa lo que pasa. 

So, we`ve been trying some different things. And this week, I`ve never felt more dedicated, more busy, more fullfilled than all my mission. I think I got a tiny taste of what it must be like to be the US President. Or even Relief Society President for that matter. And we`ve begun to see results! Small and simple things, but that´s how great things are brought to pass, no es cierto? 

This week we met with a whole bunch of less actives, and a couple families are even starting up family prayer, and family scripture study again! It`s great to see their progression. 

We also met a few new investigators. One woman even said, "I don`t really know why I let you in. I don`t normally like to get involved in religion." And we kind of just looked at her like, yeah, we just might know of a still small reason why you let us in. Sigh. I love missionary work. 

Uh, let`s see. Ooh, I taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday! And it went really well! We talked about the naturaleza de Dios and we did a little Get to know you questionaire of Him. Name, Where he lives, What makes him happy, what makes him sad, what bugs him, we drew a picture of him. It was great. My favorite part was answering what things he likes to do. Listen to our prayers. Watch us serve others. Bless his children. And then there`s Moses 1:39. His whole work and Glory, is us. Everything he does, he does for us. 

I know that`s true. God lives. He loves us. He does everything for us. And only asks in return that we follow his commandments, remember His Son Jesus Christ, do the little primary answer things. Pray. Repent. Read the Scriptures. Go to Chruch. Serve others. I`m so grateful for this gospel, I`m grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and for the Sacrament. I know this chruch is the true one. And I`m so grateful to be a part of it! 

A pinch of salt, and lots of love, 
Hermana Cannon

p.s. Last p-day we went to the "Shopping" and Bowling. It was fun. We also went to the Other sister`s apartment and roasted Panchos on the stove. Also fun. :) Chao! 

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Generally Conferencial

Holia Famila! 

How about that conference, hmm? Those apostles and prophets, they never let you down. So great. 

Speaking of conference, we had quite the adventure. It all started Friday. 

So Hermana Cortés and I are walking down the street, knocking doors and sharing the "Gracias A Él" video with people. We recorded it on our cameras to be able to show it easier because it´s three in every hundred that have internet or a monitor with a USB input, and 1 in every 3 that the video actually works. It´s been really successful actually! We found a new investigator, and have two meetings with other new people set up for this week due to the video. I truly believe it´s inspired, and all in all beautiful. Anyway, so we´re walking down the street, and then suddenly all the lights go out. Blackout! In all of Uspallata. Really though, everything happens in Uspallata. We know it´s a special area, because the adversary is really on our tails here. 

So we go back to the appartment, and turns out I haven´t gotten batteries for my flashlight yet, so we´re left in the dark. It was then I remembered the little finger lights you guys sent me in the MTC. I thought you guys would get a kick out of that. Really, they saved our lives that day, so thanks a million! haha. So we did planning in green and red that day. (The blue one didn´t work. ;( ) I also figured that it would be a good opportunity to pull out my emergency backpack, since the food I stored there is one too many months old. (Hey, shoutout to Joey! Did you guys have mochilas de emergencia on your mission? I´ve been told it´s a recent thing, but I wasn´t sure how recent. Just wondering.) 

Anyway, just as we were partying with the snacks and lights, the power came back on, and we were sad. But also really happy because the next day was conference and we didn´t want to miss it. 

So Saturday we go into the chapel at 1:30 to be early for the conference at 2. No one was there, so we hang around till 2:15 when the president shows up with his family to set up the conference. To our surprise, because of the blackout, the internet wasn´t functioning. In all of Uspallata. Thank you adversary. BUT! Here´s where the miracle comes in. We had just switched internet systems from a old not working well one to a newer and faster one, and at the time we´re still paying for them both. So we hook it up to the old internet, and it works! So all of uspallata is internetless, except for the faithful saints in the chapel. Hallelujah!

So, we sit back and listen to Perry´s talk. And then they say the closing prayer. What? Yeah, turns out the conference started at 1, not 2 like the rama in Uspallata had been told. Strike two adversary. So that was fun. Good news is we were able to start the next session, and all the ones on Sunday on time. 

Also, that saturday afternoon, Edelmira showed up! We were so exited! She even came with her little sticky note of questions she wanted answered. It was really great. Afterward she told us that her car broke down (Really? Strike three.) and she wasn´t sure how she´d be able to come. Her phone didn´t have any minutes, but she decided to try anyway, and called a friend to pick her up. With no credit on the phone, the call went through, and she set up the ride just before the call cut out. Really, that´s a true Argentine miracle, because basically no one has credit on their phone. Ever. 

Anyway, you can always put your money on General Conference. She loved it, the spirit was so strong, and she said her questions were answered. We´re super excited for her. 

So, there´s the excitement of the week. oh, we also did an open house between sessions and passed out more Gracias a El cards. It wasn´t too successful because it fell right in the dead of siesta, but we did a church tour for a group of teenages passing by, and one lady came up asking if we did classes for kids. We told her about primary, and she said she thinks her kids will like that. So that was great! I hope they come. 

Still not sure whose talk was my favorite, but really, they were all great, as always. It was really exciting to hear the ones in spanish! Because a couple of times the spanish voice overs are a little comical. one guy started coughing and they had to switch translaters in the middle of a talk. Another guy said a word wrong, tried to fix it like three times only saying it more mixed up, then finally laughed and moved on. It´s pretty entertaining. 

I guess the moral of this week, is that God is a God of miracles. And no matter how much Satan likes to plant himself in our way, God always provides the necesities we need to complete His work and will, and make it back to Him. I´m so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and all he´s done and continues doing for each of us everyday. I know He lives. 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon

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