Monday, October 19, 2015

And The Things Are Goin

Dear Fam and Friends: 

Another week in Justo Daract! Still going well, still love it lots! 

We`ve been able to meet lots of new people, and everyone we meet is super great. Very receptive, and show lots of interest! The only problem we`re having at the moment is getting a second appointment with people. We meet so many great investigators, and have great first lessons, but the second meeting something always happens and it falls through. So, we`ll keep working on it. 

As for the branch, it`s super great! The members are really nice, and they`ve been giving us lots of referals too, which has been helpful. They`re great member missionaries, and they have lots of hope for the branch`s future. 

And Hermana Sandau is doing great too! She`s learning really fast, and she`s starting to understand and be able to talk a little more. She`s a hard worker and has great ideas to add to the work too. We`re working hard! 

This week we went to a member`s house to eat lunch and we helped them make empanadas. They looked a little different than usual, but I didn`t think much of it till we started eating and everyone asks, do you like it? do you know what it is? I don`t remember how the word is in spanish, but they showed pictures, and apparently it was Emu meat. you know, like that ostrich thing? Yeah! It did taste different, but I liked it. The thing is that it was their pet apparently. I don`t remember his name, but they told us. yeah! 

They also tell me they eat armadillo here. The elder`s quorem president says he`ll go out one of these days with his dogs to catch one so he can make it for us. So I`ll keep you posted! 

I guess that`s it for this week. Love you all! Sorry, no pictures. I don`t know if I`ll be able to send any more because the memory card won`t let me. I guess I`ll see what I can do. 

Love ya! 

Hermana Cannon

Monday, October 12, 2015

Justo Daract

Dear Family and Friends: 

Hey! So first things first, my new area is called Justo DARACT not Iraq jaja. That was a good thing to get cleared up. 

It was hard to leave Tupungato, but I was super excited and nervous for what was to come, I didn´t think too much about it. I miss the families and the area, but I also love San Luis, so it all just kind of evens out. 

My new Hija! Her name is Hermana Sandau, and she´s from Vernal Utah. She´s so great! I really wanted to send a whole bunch of pictures, but my memory card isn´t working. So, we´ll see if I can send some next week. She´s got red hair and freckles, I can tell you that jaja. She´s so great! How´s her spanish you ask? Well, let´s just say she took german for three years. jaja she said she was just confused when she say Mendoza Argentina on her mission call. So yeah. Basically I´ve spoken more english since thursday then I have my whole mission combined. So that´s a change. 

Actually, she´s doing really great with her spanish, I´m really impressed. Even if she doesn´t know the exact words, she jumps in where she can with the spanish she knows. Not like me at the beginning of my mission where I was avoiding eye contact with my companion so I wouldn´t have to give any part in the lessons haha. And I´ve been speaking as much spanish with her as I can, and she understands most of it. Where it gets hard for her is understanding the Argentines. Especially here in San Luis, the accent is different, and I´m still getting used to it as well. Justo Daract is a half hour walk from Cordoba, so the accent is really close to the accent from there, which is a bit more sing-songy. It´s really fun, I love it. 

And the area is so beautiful! And the members are great. So it´s a little branch, yesterday we had 19 people come to church. But we´ll see that grow, no worries. :) We´ve already met with some of the investigators the elders were working with, and we´re super excited about them. there´s not much to tell because we just got here friday afternoon since it´s a five hour drive to San Luis from Mendoza, and then another forty minute bus from the terminal in Villa Mercedes to Justo. Then we spent a lot of time planning and cleaning out the area book. It´s been somwhere in the 10 year range since there have been sisters in the area, actually. So we´re making history me and Hermana Sandau! Wahoo! 

So this week we´re getting right to work, and I´ll let you know how things go. The area isn´t too large, but it´s all full of houses, not as much farming feilds as I´m used to, so there´s lots of people to see. 

I guess the moral of this week is, no matter the task, the area, the challenges, with God, all things are possible, and I know that. The power of prayer is real, and I´ll be using it a lot this week. And the gift of tongues, also a powerful tool we´ll be seeing lots of these coming weeks. :) 

Love you all! 

Hermana Cannon

Monday, October 5, 2015

Drumroll Please...

Dear Family: 

First of all, these keys on the keyboard are extremely sticky. oh the joys of public cybers. 

Secondly, how great was this conference!?!?! In all reality, the speakers were truly inspired, the spirit was extremely strong. I loved every minute! And listening to the three new apostles was extremely special, and one could truly see that they are men called of God. 

Let`s see, what else is there to tell? ah yes... the TRANSFERS!!!! that`s right ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, romans and countrymen, it`s transfer week! What happens with Hermana Cannon you ask? Well, I shall tell you. I`m going to Justo Iraq, San Luis! (I don`t know how to spell it, but that`s how it sounds). My first time leaving the province of Mendoza! I`m way excited, and i hear it`s very pretty there. Ah, but there`s more. I guess you probaly won`t be surprized to hear that I`m training! and washing area! haha I couldn`t believe it when I heard it. So this thursday I`ll head to Mendoza to recieve my new missionary. Only two sisters are coming in. One from Luisiana, and the other from somewhere here in Argentina. Super excited! 

Let`s see, a couple great things that happened this week was the day when we had surprize splits. an hermana in the branch called and said, hey! I`m in centro! can i accompany you? meet me at the chruch! So we go and she had brought another sister with her so we split up and were able to have a few member lessons! So that was fun. 

Also yesterday we had a cool experience. Yesterday in between sessions we had planned to see someone, and they weren`t home, so we knocked doors. I thought we wouldn`t find anyone because it was a in the middle of the afternoon on a sunday, but we entered a house, and found a golden investigator, a 19 year old single mom with a one year old boy who shared with us she had just been praying recently to be able to believe again in god, and pleading for his help. Way neat! Miracles really do happen, even during the siesta. :) 

Also this week we were able to meet with Graciela and her whole family and teach them lesson one. She`s living with her boyfriend again, which is another story, but we`ve been trying to meet with them both and haven`t been able to, but we found them. He has lots of doubts, and isn`t afraid to share his opinion, which is actually a lot easier to teach when investigators are like that, so it went over well. At the end, he offered the closing prayer, and did it perfectly. Graciela started crying. it was very sweet. they didn`t come to the conference, but I know they`ll come to chruch someday. 

We also had a great lesson with jorge and maria yesterday. we had planned to teach the law of chastity, but then they were a little busy and we started late, so we decided to teach something else. before we could start, Jorge asked us a question about homosexuals and what`s the chruch`s opinion on it. Hermana King and I look at eachother and go, well, looks like we`re teaching Law of Chastity. Sometimes God can be pretty straightforward, it`s great. :) The lesson went really well. They`re improving so much! Their prayers have gotten so much better, and their questions are always great, and they`ve been reading every day. So exciting! 

It`s going to be really hard to leave this area. I love everything about it! I`m going to really miss the members, the area, the investigators, everything. I`m so grateful for the opportunity to have had to be here and serve a little in the lives of the Tupungatinos. And so, I go where the Lord wants. Here we come San Luis! 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Cannon

p.s. sorry, i didn`t take pictures last week, but I`ll have lots this week of saying goodbye to Tupungato, my new hija, and San luis! Tune in then! :)