Monday, June 6, 2016

So, About That Guy

Regardless of whether or not this phrase has bobbed up to your personal frontal lobe in regards to my Facebook photos or some friendly engagement gossip, I'm going to address it. Mostly because Jorge shamelessly asked if I'd dedicate a blog post to him. As if a loving sentiment put to keyboard and tossed into internet traffic for anywho or hum to click and chew on is a worthy expression of amor.

Well, I'll do my best to make it worthwhile.

However, if you're looking for a front to back, step by step details of how Jorge and Emilyn came to be, I'm afraid you've taken the wrong exit. For that kind of exclusivity an appointment is required. Feel free to contact my secretary for more information in that regard.

I will graciously provide a quick outline,

as well as a picture book depiction of our happenings.

Our Great Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl.


They were missionaries in Argentina.

They worked hard, shared the gospel, and served others in many ways. 

The time came for Jorge to go home, so he did. And Emilyn stayed in Argentina. 

They wrote back and forth a little, Jorge went to Canada to work, and Emilyn still stayed in Argentina. 

The time then came for Emilyn to come home, and she and Jorge got in contact. What followed was a long period of texting, calling, and skyping. 

Things started to move forward, so they planned a trip to Canada and Emilyn flew in to visit Jorge.

They spent time together, 

went sightseeing, 

and ate food. 

They decided spending an eternity together was a good idea, 

and started applying for Jorge's visa. 

Emilyn traveled back to Utah, and their long distance relationship continued. 

And then...

 unfortunately, we have now reached the current time in our story. 

Short and sweet, eh? Although yesterday marks one month since we turned in the visa petition, and I wish that whole process could be just a little shorter and sweeter if you know what I mean. Patience, patience, patience. The least popular attribute line in the premortal world, it seems. Or at least the most costly, and I must have first spent all my celestial allowance on good looks and humor. Humility however, that just came naturally. 

Anyway, thanks for listening guys. I guess we'll just end with a something a little more sentimental, mostly for Jorge. 

A small list of things I enjoy about That Guy: 

His positivity. Every time I mope or groan, he always comes up with some way to look at the blessings. 
His fearless view of the world and its challenges. When I hold back and worry, I find he's already jumped in head first and begun taking action. 
His pure and simple faith. I didn't know I had complicated faith so much till I met Jorge and saw just how simply he believes in every aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
His humor. Can't help but love a guy who laughs just as ridiculously at your same kind of funny. 
His ideas. Sometimes they end up on the corner of crazy and impossible, but more often than not they're found making life just a little more enjoyable and interesting. 
And that's what you do for me Jorge. You make my life just a little more enjoyable. 

And, just in case that's too sentimental, let's turn the time over to Jorge. 

Love ya babs. :*