Friday, May 30, 2014

Concentric Happenings

So the year has come full circle.

Well not really, cuz I started the blog in August. Let's try again.  

Center point being (circle pun), I've regained a share of college knowledge, returned home--same family, new house--and retrieved last summer's job. School was great, family is great, and a job will be great as soon as school can get me one of those fancy pieces of paper significant to the workplace world. For now, it's just me and my headset, stealing minutes off of ears across the nation for the sake of research. 

Call center. I'm back at the call center. 

Recently I've discovered something useful. For these past few weeks in which I've been homing, I've thought to myself, I should do some things. I should wake up before nine, read my scriptures every day, clean my room more than twice a month, and do some preparatory things for my forthcoming eighteen month Argentine fishing trip (see Matt 4:19). Instead I slept, procrastinated, and caught a chapter of Preach my Gospel every couple days. What a goose I am. 

Yesterday's randomly sought missionary chapter just so happened to be "How Do I Use Time Wisely?" with a special emphasis on this here blog post's topic, circles. I mean goal setting.

I've always liked the idea of setting goals, and I always have a few burrowed in my mess of mind mass, but I forget how effective it is to dig them out and acknowledge them. I'm sure it has a thing or two to do with the English major in me, but taking an idea and painting it out on a page using the representative figures we've come to call our alphabet, it works wonders. And it makes sense; things are always more official when in writing. Stories, documents, signatures.

And it's not like I've never conveyed my goals in the written word before; I have. I had a darling blue and green markered list of goals on my apartment bedroom wall down in this here Utah's South, and they all done darn been pretty well got did. Okay so I didn't exercise daily, but I'm gonna blame that on my traumatic cycling accident. (Stop laughing. I still have a pretty sick scar from that.)

So I wrote down some goals. Guess who got up this morning to actually do some things!

Yeah, yeah, who's surprised? David Tennant is, so there.

Moral of the story is, the alphabet is basically magical, and so is a summertime 6:30 AM. I'm serious. Be a morning person kids, it's the time of day.