Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Moment from the Optimistic

I attended a baptism today. It was beautiful and joyous and lovely as always, and I was happy I had taken time from my busy life to add it to my list of life experience.

At the service, I heard a story about a the best watermelon in the world. It was large, chilled, a deep pink, and dripping with juices. But actually, it was just a regular watermelon. What made it special were the long moments beforehand sweating and struggling on a desert hike, thinking and craving just that, a great watermelon.

I really don't care too much for watermelons, but I've been thinking about this one all day.

One week from now I'll be married, and my fiance is currently outside the country. And that can only foreshadow the experience in which he, I, and our close ones have found ourselves.

So I've learned a bit about weddings. Really, you only need three things. The girl, the guy, and the temple. So we're two out of three for a bit longer. But he's getting here.

And I'll tell ya, I'm not always an optimist, and maybe I tell my story a little more woefully than I mean to, but for the moment, I'm appreciative. And I'd like to share a few less-told details that I love. Like getting a good-morning call from yours truly at 6:00 am before I go to work.  Or living in an age where my beloved and I can see live video of each other at a large distance, speaking and hearing and everything, almost like regular conversation, and all free of charge. As much as I hate Skype, it's pretty dang awesome. Or knowing that someone exists in the world who is handsome, charismatic, funny, sweet, adorable, strong, and intelligent, and he loves me. Or family and friends who sacrifice time to get the yard reception-ready, buy 50 bags of popcorn, hang lights from the house to the tree, paint jars and blocks of wood, and a million other random things that have to do with the 17th of September. Or lying in my bed at night, closing my eyes, and hearing Jorge's voice come through my headphones telling me he loves me.

And I'd like to think that this story will end like the watermelon. That thanks to all the waiting and wishing and hoping and praying, the result of all this will be nothing but the very best. And I believe it will, for a time. But I also realize that time will pass, and as human beings, we forget, grow accustomed, and take for granted.

So this is a shout out to all those who have the luxury of looking their loved ones in the eyes, hearing their real, actual voice, and giving them a literal, physical hug. And if you please, I'll include the Emilyn and Jorge of the near future. Do those things. Look with your actual eyes into their actual eyes, and really see them. Use your actual voices to speak sweet somethings into their actual ears, and really listen. And use your actual arms to actually hug them, and hold them as close as you can for just a moment. And then another, and another, and another. Just because you can.

That's all. Now who's up for a good, sweaty hike?