Monday, July 18, 2016

A Rant on Writing Promts

I´ve come to find my most frequent blogging times fall almost precisely when I should be doing something else. And the something else is most often writing. Like now, for instance, where I have two google docs saved with titles, word counts, and scholarship essay prompts, followed by a whole lot of white. 

There´s just something so un-engaging about being told to write something. It´s like wandering through the women´s apparel section at Target with five dollars and fifty cents. I mean, why even bother? If I wanted to browse clothing I can´t buy or wear, I would have stayed at home with Pinterest. 

But then, of course, improvisation just is never quite as good as structured, deadlined, bluprinted labor. Who´s Line Is It Anyway will never be anywhere near Shakespeare´s Iambic Pentameter. A public pool in mid July isn´t quite as thrilling as the Olympic Swimming Trials. So maybe a 500 word essay on pride or ice cream flavors can beat a day-in-the-life-of-Emilyn blogpost? 

Well, let´s see what I can do with my Five-fifty.